Side View Mirrors

Do I Need to Replace the Whole Assembly?

You only need to replace the assembly, if the plate behind the mirror is missing or destroyed. Every  day customers tell us that they had to spend $100's of dollars to replace the entire side view mirror assembly.  At Glass City, we provide a replacement glass, that looks and functions just like the old one. Heated mirror? Does your mirror have a turn signal in it? No Problem. Will it cost a fortune, never ! Mirror repair is cheap and easy. And it only takes minutes!

When your Sunroof quits working, or it leaks , you need help fast. If your headliner starts sagging, it can eventually become not only annoying, but dangerous. While Glass City always tries to give you low prices, these items are neither cheap, or fast to fix. But we do it right! We don't suggest used parts, although it is always the customers decision. But it is important to repair the items quickly.

Headliners and  Sunroofs

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​Glass City Auto  Inc. has been committed to providing  a full service, low cost alternative to auto glass for Lake, Kenosha, and surrounding counties. We offer a quick, professional service, which takes 1 hour or less  (in most cases). Our experienced certified installers have been with us many years, and are extremely good at their craft. We do not believe in subcontracting our work. as so many of our competitors do.  We would rather recommend a company that we use, and let deal you with them directly. Below is a list of our main services.

Windshield Repair for Stone Chips

Can I wait to fix it?

Every day that you wait to repair your windshield, your chances of getting an "invisible" repair diminish. Dirt and the elements corrupt otherwise pristine glass, rendering a perfect repair impossible.We use the finest equipment available.  We drill, inject resin, vacuum seal, and UV cure the repair. Repairs do aid in restoring the structural integrity to your glass.  Without a repair, you risk getting an area too large, or a run to long for any repair. Worse, the glass can now shatter into you your car, causing physical harm. As soon as a stone causes a break in your windshield, apply clear tape, don't attempt to clean the area. Then go directly to a reputable glass shop, and have it fixed immediately.  

Headlight Restoration

Don't Replace Your Headlight Assembly!

Are your lights too dim to see properly?  Was your car in an accident and the remaining light looks terrible in comparison?  Maybe you're just thinking about selling your car, and your afraid that the one yellow, and dull headlight will cost you hundreds  in the final sale.  Why not have the professionals, give you the same service we give the dealers? Don't be fooled by the over the counter " headlight  treatment kits" . They only last a short period of time.

We offer a long lasting solution, for pennies. We use a professional 3M  kit, the same as the body shops use. We carefully mask your lights, and drape your engine compartment. This is a time consuming, messy job. Even more so for the amateurs. Sure , you could buy a new assembly, or 2. But we offer a low cost solution  that's long lasting, and affordable. Call for prices ! You'll be amazed.

Windshield Replacement

Windshield Leaks

Door Glass Replacement

Back Glass Replacement

Side Mirror Replacement

Door Window Regulators 

(they make the door glass go up and down)

Sunroof Repair

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